For your safety only 


mixed media, visual coding


In 2018, as Internet has become a safer place for the majority of the world's population, citizens of Kazakhstan are not only accustomed to, but also reconciled to spontaneous violations of the human rights. Daily blockings of networks and strict censorship are often justified by the state as "care for citizens". Ultrahigh frequency generator suddenly turns on several times per hour interrupting the work of the whole system - a continuous traffic of formulas and oscillators working hard only for the heart of the information field of the country. Internet pumps blood, and information is the blood itself. 

Everything is transparent now and the citizen can watch the confrontation from the cheap seats: tension between the suppressor’s deliberate actions and it’s immediate reaction to itself – in the form of a friendly reminder that everything is under control – grows aggressively. 

This project is a deceitful game of war led by general generator, which devours itself just as antibodies attack healthy cells, just as oroboros eating it’s own tail. This is a specially programmed, artificially created brain of a schizophrenic who tries to play healthy and goes above and beyond so nobody could caught it in deception. 

It tries so hard that it goes too far with national symbols. Darning gaps with them and filling in inconvenience, wasting time of it’s beloved children that it "cares" about.