UNTITLED (in collaboration with Njomza Dragusha)


Untitled (in collaboration with Njomza Dragusha)


QR code picture 15x15 cm

How can an artist develop their work, where there is no right to refer to the existing social conditions as in Kazakhstan now or under communism in Albania? How would we use the artistic ground to express what we feel while being inside these political systems? How can an artist, activist, journalist or just a citizen talk about situations in their context when they are not allowed to even use different terms to frame that discourse? If the discourse is framed, then how could one use that discourse to present as their work?

In Albania it never happened, but would it happen in Kazakhstan? Would the artistic ground and the artistic community decide to go further out of the comfortable artistic discourse, in order to present us with their ‘reality’ inside these contexts and ideologies? 

In Albania it never happened.